The Lakeshore Sustainability Education Partnership creates learning opportunities for students of all ages. We focus on programs that provide unique experiences centered around the Evanston Lakeshore and Living Learning Laboratories.

These Great Lakes adventures are meaningful watershed educational experiences for youth and adults. Youth learning experiences are placed in the context of school curricula aligned with national Next-Generation Science Standards, and guided by national environmental experts partnering with classroom teachers. Experiential, multi-sensory, and arts-integrated, this partnership supports all learning types, including English language learners, adult learners, and students ready to grow socially-emotionally.

Meeting needs for educational equity, our programs aim to be affordable and accessible so any student in school or outside of school may come, find herself in context as an explorer ashore the world’s largest freshwater system.

We anticipate an explosion of projects, programs, and participants as we find ourselves able to stretch adventures to include interpretive stations and expanded Living Learning Laboratory capability for microscopy and chemical analysis of Lakeshore samples.

Let the learning begin.


The Lakeshore Sustainability Education Partnership links schools, community organizations, and scientific organizations to provide engaging learning experiences for youth and adults around themes of urban water, energy, food, biodiversity and the Great Lakes.


Our vision is to foster scientific thinking, develop connections with nature, and inform sustainable living in Great Lakes communities through experiential learning centered on the Lake Michigan lakeshore.


Safe drinking water supply, water resources sustainability, urban flooding

Great Lakes

Hydrology, ecology, human impacts, sustainability

Urban Sustainability

Sustainable cities, community health, urban biodiversity, green infrastructure


Sustainability, security, local food production, food-energy-water connections


Efficiency, sustainability, food-energy-water connections, urban energy recovery


Urban ecology, biodiversity conservation, multi-functional green infrastructure


Outdoor programming is based on the natural gifts of the area. Students explore interactions between water, ecology, and urban development at the Lakefront dunes and woods. Through sounds and sights both macro and micro, both natural and designed, students find wonders in this area. History and geography, ecosystems and human activity all come to the surface in these explorations. Explorations of plant identification and aquatic ecology lead naturally to questions about biodiversity, non-native species, and ecosystem sustainability. Similarly, observations of the Great Lakes and the City of Evanston Water Treatment Plant stimulate discussion about health and sustainability of Great Lakes communities.

Outdoor programs are supplemented with hands-on laboratory experiences to allow students to observe in detail key processes that shape the Lakeshore, including water flow, sediment motion, and landscape dynamics. Lectures and symposia for diverse audiences explore both the unique features and history of the Evanston Lakeshore, and the broader issues of global water security, biodiversity conservation, and sustainable urban development.

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